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New Beginnings…Onto the Future.

As I beging to type I am flooded with emotions.. My dear friends, family, clients, co-workers,

this is what I have been going through for months now and I want to share it with you.. I have been diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer and will undergo surgery March 16th for a full Thyroidectomy.

This news came as a shock for me on Feb.8th. I have had some time to process the news, and with supportive friends and family have been able to stay strong. This form of cancer is highly treatable when caught early and the cure rate is very high. I want raise awareness for all women, as the diagnosis was done by a routine check on my neck with my endocronologist. She found a small lump that led to an ultrasound and four needle biopsies. This type of cancer can only be detected this way and is very common among women. The surgery and thyroid replacement hormones will be forever part of my new life.

For years I have dealt with the roller coaster ride of fatigue, muscle weakness, weight loss and gain, cold sensitivity, and gluten intolerance, hives, allergies and digestion issues.. More recently I have experienced hair loss with extreme fatigue like never before, I honesty felt as I was making myself sick with stress I could not control. Many of my closest and oldest friends know I have been able to deal with many extreme trials in my life with strength and determination, and courage they have never seen before. I was known as one of the strongest women they knew.. And now I question myself as where did that woman go? I have seen multiple doctors and nutritionists and have dismissed it all as I’m getting older as I just turned 43, and the stresses that come with motherhood. Many of you know that I have had to put my work aside to focus on my oldest son as he has been going through some challenges in school and with his peers. His confidence had been damaged through bullying and getting lost in public school. As a mother my heart broke for him and my emotions were not anything I could hide in the face of working with people. My work suffered and so did my relationships. I thought this is why I feel this horrible, the pain I felt for my son is to much for me to endure. I’m suppose to be strong and take care of everyone, and yet I felt I was failing. Failing at what was most important to me in my life. To be a mother that can take care of it all and fix anything..

My constant search for answers led me to see a nutritional consultant. Through more blood tests she revealed that I was hypothyroid, and gave me supplements for support along with dietary changes. I did as I was told and respected her, but I still wanted confirmation. I had tests done with my gynecologist and endocronologist  that revealed the same news. My research gave me answers I had been searching for all my life.

I am on a mission to control my life with a mind, body, and spirit. As I dove deeper into my faith for answers, body with nutrition, yoga, and pilates, and focus on staying positive with support from friends and family.

I now have the courage to say I’m ready for whats ahead. I am a true believer that sometimes things in life happen for a reason. Life is a journey and I have a purpose. This is a wake up call and I feel like I am truly on of the lucky ones. I have been blessed with a new outlook on life and have been able to slow down and appreciate everyone in my life and live in the present. With that said this next year is going to be one that I must focus on my health and family. I want to thank my husband most of all. He is my ROCK.. Truly a blessing, God must have known such a man would need to be by my side and I believe he was placed in my life purposley by my creator.. We have much work to do in this life together.. One of my oldest and closest friends told me, ” Karen take a deep breath your work is not done, it is only beginning.” I love and cherish all of my friendships old and new, and am so grateful for all of you. You fill me up with so much support and love and I am very lucky. I am so thankful and proud of my children and the joy they bring me daily. I chose to focus on all my blessings.. Thank you Jesus for this enlightenment, you have always pulled me out of drowning waters.. Now, onto the FUTURE.


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